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Profiles of Hope: Brian Dalthorp, Behind the Lens

Friday, March 27th, 2009


Brian Dalthorp kind of fell into photography. In high school, he signed up for a Drawing class, thinking it would just be an easy elective to fill his credits. “I had no idea what I wanted to do. Then, I started winning all these art awards and I really fell in love with it all. So then after graduation, I had to figure out where to go from there. But I couldn’t see myself doing the starving artist thing. Plus, I’m more of an instant gratification guy: like, with a camera, you just take the shot, and boom, there it is. Done.”

A few months ago, Brian and his fiance (a graphic designer) packed up and moved to New York City from Las Vegas, their hometown for the past seven years. “We sold all but ten percent of our belongings. New York is what we were always looking for: the culture, the city, the mass transportation. I love the feeling of people walking on the street and the different vibe as you walk from Chelsea to SoHo to Wall Street to the Village…I mean it’s a lot colder here, and you pay a lot more for a lot less, but still I wouldn’t trade it. I’ll sacrifice some things to have a hot dog vendor on the corner.”

Brian works mostly in commercial photography, although he admits that the idea of doing an artistic show has come up in the back of his mind since moving to New York. “I still get to express myself in an artistic way; it just depends on the client. Now that I’m here, I really want to play more with the fashion world and the advertising world. Working with people and different locations is a lot more fun than studio landscapes. I’m all about locations. I would love to travel for the rest of my life and just shoot, National Geographic style.”

In Vegas, Brian and his fiance ran their own design company, Pop Studios. They’ve started to re-establish their business here in NYC. “I’m just getting here, starting to build, networking. It’s about living in the present, not living in the future. There are goals I have in mind, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate where I’m at right now. I always say, why not set your goals as high as you can and keep working towards them? I’m not an employee. I’ll never be a number. I’d rather get my guitar out and go out on the subway and put my hat down like everyone else than ever become a number.”

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