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Obama is Superman

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

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Barack Obama is one ambitious man. He has insurmountable courage and charisma. Let’s face it: this man has stepped into a job, into shoes so large, that anyone would have to be crazy to attempt taking it all on.

For us, Barack Obama is a desperately needed change. As he reminded the nation last night in his prime time address, he values health care, education and natural resources. He is realistic about the state of affairs, but not deterred by it.

For us, Barack Obama is hope. He is the promise (his own promise, nonetheless) of our country coming out of troubled times stronger than before. He is a modern day Lincoln, Roosevelt, Truman. Maybe even a little bit of Superman, too…

For me, Barack Obama is a leader who believes in small businesses, like my own. He believes in “Main Street”, in the everyday American, in the entrepreneur. For me, he is an inspiration to keep fighting, to keep smiling.

He just may be the only one who can lead us all out of this dark tunnel. I believe in him. I trust him. Don’t you?

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