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Lucky Jade Rose Ring

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

If you have any Irish blood in you, or even a fondness for the folklore, you recognize a Claddagh ring when you see one. Or you probably wear one. The ring first started showing up on fingers in Ireland in the 17th century, but the design dates back to who knows when. The Irish Potato Famine brought the symbolic ring over to America, where it has become as much a trend as a tradition.

If you happen to be out of the loop on Irish symbolism, I will enlighten you: this ring is, more or less, a symbol of one’s relationship status. If the heart is facing outwards, it symbolizes that the wearer’s heart is free and they are looking for love. If, conversely, the heart is facing inwards on the finger, it symbolizes that the heart is taken and they are in a relationship.

I do not have a drop of Irish blood in me, but I am as enchanted by the ideology as anyone. However, the 17th century was quite a long time ago, and maybe it’s time for a new symbol. Not to replace the tradition, but to build off of it. Maybe even to infuse it with a little Chinese tradition and lore, since that, on the other hand, is in my blood.

So I have created a symbolic ring to rival the Claddagh. Made of Burmese jade, it is the shape of a rose. When you look at the symbolism of those two features, this design becomes a piece of jewelry for girls whose hearts are free and looking for love. The design is new, but the ideas are practically as old as they come. Burmese jade is a symbol for luck; and roses, of course, are symbols of love. So it is a ring to bring good luck and love, or hopefully, good luck in finding love. Though I’m not making any promises… except that it will look great!