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The Big, Bad, Backup Drive

Monday, March 9th, 2009


My whole life is more or less in electronic format on my computer. It’s getting to the point that I understand the language of .jpg and GB and USB better than a simple Spanish “hola”. My computer is as important to me as a dog, or maybe even a child, not only for my personal use but also for my business. The thought of losing anything on it makes me as anxious as someone who’s golden retriever has run away (they have a knack for doing that, I hear). But I can feel comforted knowing that there is an entire market out there of devices to protect against such a mishap.

I just so happen to be a devout Apple fan, so when I learned about the backup drive that Apple techies use to backup their own data, I wanted one of my own! It is called the G-Raid2, and is, essentially, the Rolls Royce of backup drives. What’s cool about it is that is partitioned so that it backs up your files twice. It has 1 Terabite of space, but it’s really 500 GB that backs it up twice. Have I computer-geeked out on you yet?

Apple is kind of the God of the computer world, more and more everyday, but there are plenty of other drives to choose from, both Mac or un-Mac. I won’t tell you what to buy; leave that to the real techies who are more fluent in the language. But I will urge you to get something to protect your data. That is one loss no one wants to bear!